Here are some of the projects I've created or worked on. You can find the code for almost all of these (and more) on my GitHub page. And stay tuned for cool(er) projects I'm always working on :]


Echelons is an ELO-ranking API I wrote while I was at Twilio. It basically lets you keep track of opponents played in any game you add (ping pong, pool, etc) and provides some stats around match ups, rankings, and more.


I came back to Florida in my sophomore year after a summer away in silicon valley. I fell in love with hackathons and wanted to bring that kind of culture to South Florida. However, I didn't really know how. After my friend told me to go to UPenn for PennApps, I knew how I could do it. So I made UHack, a successful yearly hackathon at the University of Miami.

Twilio-Ruby Gem

I added Queue support to the open-source Twilio Ruby Gem and made some other not-as-cool changes. However, the gem is awesome and you should check it out!

Founder Tumblr theme

For an example of this theme running, check out the Founder Theme tumblr.

Founder is based on responsive designs and flat UI to keep a fast, sleek, and intuitive design to your blog. There are many options to customize from specific pages to style colors.


I redesign my website every year, and this year I went for a very svbtle-like look. It's also back to my PHP roots (though it's mostly very static). Proud of the blog, though :]


A site inspired by tryRuby, tryGit, and others. Interactively try out what Twilio can do and write some example TwiML apps straight from your browser.

svi - stream editor

A stream editor written in C. I like my s/like/love/g commands like no other, but implementing and adding your own functionality is always pretty cool. Check it out. Good school project, too.

BIG NOTE: I've learned this project is misleadingly popular among people who need help with their CS projects. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS CODE AS YOUR PROJECT. You will most likely fail because you will be caught cheating.

Twilio Hackpack for Sinatra

The twilio hackpack for heroku and sinatra is the fastest way to get twilio apps running on Ruby. The configure file deals with all the nonsense of buying a phone number, creating an app, and more and lets you focus on the important stuff - writing your app!


Tumblrest solves tumblr's kind of broken and limited search functionality. Not only does it let you search for X things at once, but it also lets you find the union set of those queries (meaning very specific searches!).


A picture is worth a million tunes. Images convey a lot of emotion in people, but so do sounds. Why limit one art form so much when you can combine the two? This was an experiment in mapping music to colors. It's simple - give it an image url, and it will generate music for that image. Simple as that. The underlying logic is really cool, in my opinion and will keep working on it.

Note: I have to update this to work on latest browsers. If on Mac, try it in Safari. If on Windows, try chrome or firefox.

Image Editor

My first foray into mobile development. This was made way before Instagram and stuff like that, so it has a surprising amount of downloads, but it is somewhat simplistic. Either way, it was a lot of fun working on this. (note: this app is pretty popular in China)

Kawaii Universe Android

My friend Valentina makes awesome vector art and I wanted to make this app for her so people can check out her art on the go.

I made this app a whiiiile back and have never updated it since 2.3+ so it will likely crash for you if you have any 'modern' Android version running out. I should probably modernize this app one day... it's now on my to-do list.