Hi there. I'm Oscar Sanchez. I was born and raised in Miami, Fl. I graduated from the University of Miami where I studied Math and computer science. I play way too many video games, and I'm constantly listening to music.

I have worked on some pretty awesome things at some pretty awesome places. You can check out my Linkedin if you care about that. I've worked on music apps, bridging telecom and the internet, making space less(or more) unknown, improving online education, and some other things.

Right now, I work at Watsi, a non-profit organization trying to provide healthcare to people around the world. It's a really exciting opportunity in a part of tech I've always wanted to work in - helping people. If you feel like checking out my profile, website, twitter, whatever, please take a minute or two and check out the Watsi website and contribute.

I like Ruby, PHP, Javascript, C a lot. I know some other languages, too, but I'm not really good at them. I like making games, and maybe one day will make one good enough you'll want to play. I don't like any framework enough to defend it, but I work with Rails, node, and Laravel. I have strong opinions on front-end frameworks. I have no opinion on css frameworks.

I blog about irrelevant things in my life, so you may want to check that out. Or you can follow me on twitter: @oms1005. Or if you want to be really traditional, you can email me: